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Why can’t I find the token that I issued on TRONSCAN?



  • Amirhosein

    سلام ، دو روز پیش مشکلی در کیف پولم وجود داشت
    فکر می کنم این مشکل به دلیل استفاده از vpn بود

    من دو هزار واحد trx از سایت سان و پانصد واحد trx از سایت poloni dex دریافت کرده ام
    و آنها تأیید شدند اما به حساب من اضافه نشدند

  • Amirhosein

    Hi, there was a problem with my wallet two days ago
    I think this problem was due to the use of vpn

    I have received 2,000 trx units from the Sun site and 500 trx units from the poloni dex site
    And they were approved but not added to my account

    My wallet address


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  • Tron help support officials

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