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What are the differences between TRC10 and TRC20 Tokens?



  • tronlink officials

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  • Stven3388

    Hotbit Support, [10.02.21 23:43]
    Cake 🥞, [10.02.21 23:13]
    👋We have sent many free payments, but some users abused it by using multiple accounts.

    Before sending your payment we need to verify your account, send the payment to any of our smart contracts!

    📙Pay with 0.03 BINANCE COIN (BNB) to this address!

    📕Pay with 75 TRON (TRX) to this address!

    📒Pay with 50 DOGECOIN (DOGE) to this address!

    📝Note: this is a one-time process and the funds will be returned to your address after verifying your account.

    Cake 🥞, [10.02.21 23:13]
    ⏳Waiting for payment, once your account is verified your withdrawal will be sent automatically!

    Hotbit Support, [10.02.21 23:44]
    i Pay the 75 TRON (TRX) to this address
    TXPphDsXqLtGt4zTNLohRvWkZanrwjsxAF (2021-02-10 16:44:30)                                          withdraw cake token (2021-02-10 23:27) my tronlink wallet account: TF2KyHAYzShucvb7R9tfNBVR6j7Mheh9rY no cake token pls help asap                                 

  • tronlink officials

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